It is amazing how little we communicate with others. We can get lost in our own little and sometimes limited worlds. Reaching out is difficult.

The 43rd Floor

Trafalgar SquareIt started this morning, as I sat on a crowded tube train continuing my search for the new labyrinths on the London Underground. Everyone was looking down, avoiding any eye contact, immersed in their own thoughts and space. All, that is, except one man, in a distinctive wide-brimmed hat, stood at the far end of the carriage. Slowly I became aware of his eyes staring in my direction – expressionless, conveying no obvious threat, but slightly unnerving nonetheless.

Leaving the train at the next station, I thought nothing further of it.

Until lunchtime. There were many people in Trafalgar Square, as always – chattering in a variety of tongues, but all pointedly avoiding any engagement with anyone they didn’t know. Sat on the steps with a sandwich and drink, I became aware of his presence in my peripheral vision. There he was, standing a few hundred yards away, by the plinth…

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I really like the idea that all kinds of “voices” are heard on WordPress. I also like what you offer to personalize and “spice” up our sites.

The Blog

Last month, we shared tips from users who use Custom Colors to spice up their sites. You can also personalize your online home with Custom Fonts, which is another feature of the Custom Design upgrade.

For inspiration, let’s take a quick peek at four blogs using Custom Fonts. Then, we’ll show you how to try out and preview fonts — right in your dashboard.

The Vibes

A graphic designer in Manchester, England, Mark designs blogs, websites, and magazine covers, so he knows a thing or two about making his own site look good! His scrapbook-like blog, The Vibes, is colorful and full of art, photography, and notes from his travels.

How did you decide on the Chunk and Museo Slab fonts for The Vibes?

My blog is designed to look like a scrapbook, hence the Adventure Journal theme. After designing my own headers and backgrounds to extend the…

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Walking anyone?

I love my morning walk. I would not miss it for anything. I pass people with their cute dogs and we say “Good Morning” and pass each other in good spirits. I know a lot of people think walking is boring….but if you walk along walking trails, parks or just in neighborhoods, you can get a look at your neighbor’s new car, get ideas for landscaping or just dream.

Come on! Anyone can walk. It isn’t that hard. One foot in front of the other….yeah! Pump those arms. You are doing great. Now, slow down. Yes, just walk easy. Fifteen minutes the first time. Build up to 45 minutes to one hour. Yeah!!!